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Monday, August 15, 2005

Renaissance Blogger

I have a secret...I like fantasy.

Fantasy sports, that is.

Unfortunately, like blogging, it keeps me at my desk much too long, especially when certain seasons begin, like the English Premiership did this weekend, or the NFL will in less than a month, and one has to husband one's teams.

And speaking of husbands, any spouse of mine will have to embrace this part of me, because I am not giving up blogging, posting on boards, or fantasy sport.

Unless I am given free access to any and all major credit cards, obviously.

P.S.: Remember I said I love me some Condoleeza Rice? Well, she apparently likes fantasy NFL as well. And if I'm not careful, I will end up a 50 year-old spinster with a graduate degree, wondering if I should go with Roethlisberger or Brady in the 10th round.


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