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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Blogathon Thursday in Aid of Katrina Victims

I'm in.

Check out the Instapundit link if you want to be a part of this massive show of blogger solidarity with the devastated victims of that killer hurricane, Katrina -- a name I cannot look at now, without wincing.


One blogger, Val Prieto, of Babalu Blog, has vowed not to post one more blogpost until his blog readers donate at least U$ 1,000 to charities. Harsh, but maybe this is the type of attitude, this kick in the backside way, that gets results.

I won't follow suit with the meagre amount of readers I have (only 120 per day, on average) but I will beg to all who read this, wherever you are, even if it's one dollar, or one pound, one euro, one dinar, or one rupee, PLEASE donate something.

CHARITIES INFO: American Red Cross, 1-800-HELP-NOW. Canadian Red Cross, 613-740-1900. Catholic Charities, 1-800-919-9338. Habitat for Humanity, 229-924-6935, ext. 2551.

And remember my birthday earlier this month?

The moneys I received that I was saving up for some goody like clothes or a trip to NYC, are almost gone.

Yes, I included 60% of them (basically, with the excception of $50, all I have left) to my parents' donation, which is in itself a miracle, since they never donate outside of medical charities.

So far, this year 2005, they've done so twice -- for the tsunami victims, and now for the Gulf State fugees.

My first blogpost tomorrow in Katrina Victims solidarity will be at 9 AM EDT.


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