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Thursday, September 01, 2005


I just went to The Truth Laid Bear website, to get all the relevant links for today's Blogathon participation, especially the CONTRIBUTION page, when I saw this pathetic question asked in the comments section:

Can someone participate, get linked to from here, and NOT link to Instapundit?

You know, stop right there.

Yes, for all we know, maybe the questioner doesn't like Instapundit for a slew of reasons -- maybe he once was cut off in Nashville by Instapundit in an intersection, who knows.

But if this kind of question, or impulse, is in any way, shape, or form politically motivated, stop it. Today is not the day to act up in this fashion.

Leave politics out of this.

I don't much care for Daily Kos, or Wonkette, but if they were to inspire or lead a noble cause such as this, this Blogathon for Katrina Flood victims, damn if I wouldn't link to them...in a heartbeat.

Come on, people. There is no red versus blue today.

We're just human beings helping out other human beings.


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