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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Sign On The Dotted Line

When in a developed country, I promise:

  • Not to shout threats about being in possession of bombs, or other hazardous materials, especially anywhere near airports, or high traffic areas

  • Not to run away, or act aggressively during times of crisis or heightened emotion

  • Not to jump into stadia from the stands, threaten a president, drunk, naked or otherwise, in a bid to get myself on TV or to impress Steffi Graff or Jodie Foster

  • Should I do any of these actions I am fully cognisant that:

    Incarceration, fines, painful muscles due to soap-picking up in showers, and possible death may result if these three small regulations are not followed.

    When in an undeveloped country, I promise to ask to be taken to the nearest ATM for "negotiation fees".

    I realise that no one told me this before, upon birth, at school, by my parents, or even during naturalisation processes, but thanks to the world of Blogosphere, I know now.

    SIGNED BELOW, THIS _ of ____, 2___.


    • Well, a helpful reminder of things easily forgotten and the consequences thereof. Good reasons to stay on ones medicine too.
      While it is a hideous shame that his actions may have been brought about by his not taking medicine for whatever reason, it is not governments responsibility to know everything correctly. It is, in this situation, their responsibility to protect passengers, the best a human can from being shot up or blown to bits. As they cannot always prevent that, neither can they always prevent shooting an individual who really may not mean what they say because of a medical problem.

      By Blogger Paul, at Thu Dec 08, 11:30:00 am GMT-5  

    • At last, something we can both agree Paul. You expressed my feelings exactly.

      By Blogger Jorge, at Thu Dec 08, 02:01:00 pm GMT-5  

    • Thanks Jorge, you're very kind. I appreciate that.

      By Blogger Paul, at Thu Dec 08, 08:54:00 pm GMT-5  

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