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Thursday, February 02, 2006

He's Made It His Own

It occured to me, as I sat down to compose my blogpost tonight, that last night's State of the Union address by President George W. Bush, has been talked about, parsed, and critiqued to death...already.

Not just already, but already already. Enough, you know?

So I won't give you my thoughts about it, and thus bog you down with more needless sermonising.

Let's have fun instead!

First, let's mention his choice of clothes.

Serge navy blue suit, and almost obligatory baby blue tie.

What gives with this choice of tie, Mr. Prez?? It's always the freaking baby blue, after the red one, and darker bluey one have been used earlier in the week.

I almost fainted today, when I saw the President addressing the Grand Ole Opry crowd in Nashville, wearing a salmon tie.


A colour only worn by faded 60's actresses like Raquel Welch, and models like Twiggy, and then only as lipstick.

(Are you suitably anaesthesised by inane commentaries, yet? Good. Let's continue)

Second, man, does he own the State of the Union address, or what?

Ever since the 2002 SOTU address, the famous axis of weasels one, he has made this 1 hour gathering of the tribes, his own.

I'm not sure what transforms this awkward public speaker, with his little Muttley wheezing half-laughs, tortured syntax, and repetitive diction into the best State of the Union giver since Ronald Reagan...

...but he struts to the podium in front of those tweedle-dee and dum twins, Dick Cheney and Denny Hastert, and delivers flawless speeches, in a thumping voice, at once challenging, and from-the-heart honest.

They're absolutely brilliant, and last night's was no different.

I always know when he's hit a homerun with a speech, because the first thing out of MSM's collective mouth is...well, nothing. They tend to play it down.

Not so much to critique it, as to ignore it -- which is the opposite of when he gives up a real stinker. Then they seem to gleefully cover it, pausing over every miscue with delight.

All today I was driving in my car, and listening to NPR's various news shows, whose heart constrictions you could feel from the ether.

One fella, who at least preambled his critique with "Well, of course, he can't mention everything in a speech", immediately followed that with "But he didn't mention South America, with whom the US has a troubled relationship."

You know, South America, that tinderbox waiting to explode.

You can't win.

Third, since when is the President of the United States of America, a rock star?

And don't give me the tart Paul Begala reply of "politics is showbiz for ugly people". I know.

But I could barely believe it, when after the speech, I saw the President go down the aisles, being handed the SOTU programmes by legislators, like bobbysoxers chasing after Frankie Avalon.

And the weirdest part of that, is that he gamely took them, and starting autographing them!

Good Lord.

There is such a thing as being unseemly, and that my friends is it.

Just try imagining Zachary Taylor doing that, I dares ya.

And fourth, what's up with John Conyers and Sheila Jackson Lee, virtually sworn enemies of the President, desperately trying to have their hands shaken by Dubya?

I saw Congresswoman Lee manhandle a few people just in front of her, just so that she could reach out and touch someone. Someone named Bush.

Lastly, maybe I am too glib as Tom Cruise once told me, maybe I am trying too desperately to mention something no one else has mentioned so far, outside their inner monologues.

But I'll tell you, if you didn't get a knot in your throat when the parents of that fallen Pensacola Marine, whose brief life included standing up for everything I hold dear in life, were presented to the audience, and waves and waves of applause enveloped their sadness, and yet their pride, you're one cold son of a gun.

I don't know about you, but States of the Union are all very well and fine.

But it's the human angles I love most.


  • Agree Bush did a good job and the Democrats help him by behaving like jerks!

    And yes, the tribute to the Marine who died protecting our freedoms had to make all normal Americans shed a tear.

    By Blogger Jose Aguirre, at Thu Feb 02, 01:40:00 am GMT-5  

  • Agree Bush did a good job and the Democrats help him by behaving like jerks!

    And yes, the tribute to the Marine who died protecting our freedoms had to make all normal Americans shed a tear.

    You can't improve on this comment, so don't even try peeps! ;)

    Jose, I almost went to La Casa de Los Trucos today.

    Don't ask me why.

    And oh, I was about to go to La Carreta for my cafecito, but decided to go to that supermercado Español instead.

    The Heno de Pravias I didn't buy!


    By Blogger vbspurs, at Thu Feb 02, 01:54:00 am GMT-5  

  • Zack Taylor may indeed have signed your programme...but he'd hand it to you on the tip of his sword via your liver!

    By Blogger Ron, at Thu Feb 02, 08:47:00 am GMT-5  

  • But Warren Harding would have bowed and signed. So ...

    Good review, Toots! Well said in most particulars. BUT ... I like the Bush Tie Collection. Go for it, GW! Don't let the Al Gore Suits get to ya!

    Salmon, eh? Heheheee! Why the Hell not?

    By Blogger benning, at Thu Feb 02, 10:06:00 am GMT-5  

  • Dear Victoria, I love how your writing sings, it is never enough; you have me laughing to tears to sadness' tears in a short piece of music through word visualization at the mention of a Marine.
    I can't be sure which analogy I enjoyed more, that of Cheney and Hastert in Alice's Wonderland or that of Conyers and Lee on an apparent drug. Only you can fit Twiggy, a tie and The President into near one sentence accompanied by Raquel Welch.
    It may give succor to a nation would they require a reading of your post immediately after the SOTU: Mr. Speaker, Victoria of A Sweatshop of Moxie! Watch for genuine applause and autograph seekers then.

    By Blogger Paul, at Thu Feb 02, 11:59:00 am GMT-5  

  • Tell the story about Tom Cruise. Or at least LINK to it, darn it!

    By Blogger Ruth Anne Adams, at Fri Feb 03, 04:35:00 pm GMT-5  

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