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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Two Dreams

Again, on the run for much of Thursday, which is beginning to establish a pattern. As the week ends, I realise I have to do stuff (both for myself, and for my parents), which I have tarried over at the start of the week.

Nevertheless, this belated post was on my mind for all of Thursday, since I wanted to share two dreams I had with you, the night before.

1st Dream:

I am witnessing a swearing-in of a SCOTUS Justice. The crowds along Washington's streets are bristling with news cameras, and I can't quite see who is inside a stretch limo in front of me.

Next "shot", and I am hovering somewhere near a podium. Again, I cannot see the faces, and when I do, they don't resemble any of the SCOTUS Justices you or I know -- even Anthony Kennedy, who nobody knows.

Suddenly, a black robed figure, with white hair turns around.

You know who it is? Yes, I'm milking the moment, but wait, it's a good one!

The white hair with slight waves in it faces "me", and I realise it's Bill Clinton.

Shock, horror, fade to black.

THOUGHTS: Whoa. Bill Clinton replicates William Howard Taft, and becomes only the second POTUS to serve on the SCOTUS. This can only mean that Hillary Rodham really did become our President...or Chelsea.

2nd Dream:

I am seated at my computer (in a room I do not recognise, but I understand it is in my "home"), composing a blogpost. The title is MLK JFK'ED, which is too cutesy even for my standards.

Next "scene" in the dream, and I am writing an update that yet another woman has, and I quote, come out with more "MLK revelations". Fade to black, but I recall my heart racing when I suddenly woke up.

THOUGHTS: No clue here. The mention of JFK and woman, however, might indicate that what happened to JFK's memory in the 1970's, when all those Judith Campbell Exner revelations came out about him (in Playboy magazine, wasn't it?), launching a flurry of his many couplings, was happening rather belatedly to poor Dr. King. It has long been rumoured that he had many affairs -- with blonde women, apparently -- and that was part of the J. Edgar Hoover strategy to break up the King's marriage.

I know why I dreamt of that, because of the recentness of Mrs. King's death, but why would I dream about this topic specifically? It sounds like E! Television.

I do not think I have ever dreamt of anything similar before, although I did once dream I was in Margaret Thatcher's home in Belgravia.


(slaps face)


  • The irony being that Clinton looked more like Taft while in office! And now? Coolidge, I think.

    By Blogger Ron, at Fri Feb 10, 08:16:00 am GMT-5  

  • As to the first dream it arises from inner conflicts which plague you to return to your homeland. The obvious resolution?
    Seeing William Jefferson Clinton on SCOTUS will make you and us all want to leave this country.

    The second? You want to be Mrs. Thatcher and have sex with MLK and JFK too, for that matter.
    And get a Playboy gig!

    By Blogger Paul, at Fri Feb 10, 10:43:00 am GMT-5  

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