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Friday, February 23, 2007

Macarthur Causeway In French

Macarthur Causeway, as I have tirelessly told you, is America's most photographed bridge next to the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City.

Here is my mother's capture of a quick jaunt down Macarthur Causeway during rush hour.

Those cerulean skies have been blessing us for a week, after piddling down solidly for a while, hurrah!

N.B.: What is the song? I don't know (Jean-Jacques Goldman?).

On the weekends, jazz radio station, WDNA 88.9FM, becomes an international music mecca station, from Chutney, to Brazilian MPB, to reggae calypso, to French pop. I'm guessing she was with her newest French buddy in the car, at the time.

Heh, just saw at the end of the Youtube video, this "advertising" truck -- whose sole purpose is to go up and down, with two ads on each side of his vehicle.

We've actually rented from Prestige Cars once, when my mother's brother came to town, and God forbid he should rent a Grand Am like the rest of the world.

He got a Ferrari...

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