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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Palin Sparkles During Hannity Interview

Governor Sarah Palin was interviewed by Sean Hannity Wednesday night, and I must say, after each commercial break, all I could do was to shake my first and semi-yelp at the television:

"Where was this Sarah Palin versus Charlie Gibson?!"

Because she did very well.

Palin presented herself in a much more professional attitude, including demeanour and tone of voice, but also showing off a sober black outfit, and more polished hairstyle.

I like the updo, and I hope they don't change her look (it's goes to her "breath of fresh air" persona), but clearly that should be reserved for stumping, not for major interviews.

(Via Kodiak Konfidential)

The ABC interview was characterised by a nervousness that had the opposite effect on the viewer, than the feisty frontierswoman we saw give that amazing RNC speech. Her nose twitched like a rattled bunny, and she even gave Gibson a wink which hovered between cute and burlesque.

Clearly she had been unnerved by the occasion of her first national interview, versus a very condenscending journalist.

In the friendlier confines of Fox News, that Sarah Palin we know and many of us love, returned. By the time of the interview, she knew her email had been hacked and her children's privacy yet again abused.

Did she transmit her distress to the viewer? Not at all. If you hadn't been aware of the news, you wouldn't have been able to tell by her performance, whatsoever.

Of course, this is just the second of what no doubt will be a flurry of interviews as the weeks go on.

Next up for Govenor Palin is Katie Couric, on the eve of her Vice-Presidential debate versus Senator Biden. Couric famously decried the sexism experienced by Senator Clinton, and chided many of her colleagues for it.

Will she be more well-disposed to Palin because of that? I doubt it, but we will all have to see.

Without further ado, the Hannity interview of Governor Palin below, in three parts.

(Via Spark It Up)

ADDED: My favourite screengrabs.

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