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Monday, October 27, 2008

Asheville Welcomes Sarah And Gretchen

Commenter JAL relates that Governor Palin's Asheville, North Carolina rally was bursting at the seems. Though JAL couldn't attend personally, here is the provided link for Sundries readers' enjoyment.

I also took a photo of our rally early, which looked like this. Towards the end, there wasn't room to swing the proverbial cat. I wonder if that's what happened here.

I want that bumpersticker!

Countrysinger Gretchen Wilson singing her hit, "Redneck Woman" again!

Incidentally, have you seen the music video for this song? In the opening scene, you see Gretchen astride one of these behemoth vehicles...

...in a strikingly similar pose to Governor Palin on her four wheeler here.

ADDED: Palin speaking about Gretchen Wilson and being called a "redneck".

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