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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Should I Vote Early For President?

I was a polling station Clerk during the last Presidential election, and didn't get to enjoy one moment of November 2, 2004. I got home, exhausted, and slept 12 hours straight. But viewing the photo of President Bush voting early sparked this dilemma.

Should I brave the crazy queues on November 4th this year, or just vote early at one of our 20 early voting stations?

Please vote now (heh).

Should Vic Vote Early?
Yes - Avoid the hassle
No - Savour the moment on Nov 4
pollcode.com free polls

By the way, note to the hyper-smirking Rachel Maddow:

She reported on her show the other day that "Florida Republicans" who run the early voting situation had made it purposely difficult for voters. She reported the designated early voting places were open from 10 AM to 3 PM, only.


Not only did she get the times wrong, but the schedule for the entire week was wrong, not to mention she attributed the South Florida schedule to the whole State. The early voting sites will be open until 7 PM next week, when we have a traditional surge, as per previous elections.

One would think a Rhodes scholar could Google "Miami-Dade Elections", or hire staffers who could.

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