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Friday, October 24, 2008

If True, It's Despicable

You might've heard about this sad story -- a young woman at an ATM was robbed of $60, and then beaten up and had a "B" (for Barack?) carved unto her cheek because of her McCain bumpersticker. Ashley Todd, 20, turns out to be a College Republican and McCain worker, at that.

Governor Palin has already spoken to her, to extend her sympathies.

But like a lot of conservatives, the need to be absolutely sure that this is a legit situation, and not a hoax holds me back from extending my sympathies.

Ace of Spades and Michelle Malkin both approached the story warily.

Whilst Ace now says:

With that I'll stop speculating. Now that I have a name, a face, and a visible black eye it's harder to speculate this was faked. If this happened, which is likely, she needs support and sympathy, not skepticism and speculation.

Michelle is not on board yet, saying it 'smells':

"She refused medical treatment after reporting the incident to police. Why on earth would she do that?"

Seems to me that if the "B" bruise was visible to the officials on the scene, even if she turned down the medical aid, it's hardly something one would have time or imagination to do on the spot.

Wizbang notes this about that "B", which looks as if it could be made by looking at a mirror.

Some have noted that the backward "B" is how a person would make the mark on herself when looking into a mirror. That hypothesis is easy enough to disprove if you're willing to mark your face up with a pen while looking in a mirror. If you do that you will find that a "B" still looks like a "B" when using the mirror as a guide. For Ms. Todd to make the mark shown looking into a mirror it would appear to her as a backward "B" as well.

Failing doing it to myself as confirmation, that does sound reasonable.

This is a nightmare situation for any McCain supporter, many of whom decline to put on their cars those bumperstickers I mentioned only yesterday. Even I take it down every night, instead of leaving it tacked onto the car.

There is a feeling of intimidation, of fear, and of actual violence possibly coming to you, in certain parts of the United States, for being a Republican and/or McCain-Palin supporter.

I've never confessed this out loud, but one of my deepest fears is that Palin herself might be harmed or worse..., during this race. God willing, this is just unfounded jitters on my part.

This is also the reason why some polls are so bizarre , and therefore untrustworthy -- people are just flat out dissimulating about their true voting intentions, because they are either self-censoring themselves for perceived racism, or just don't want to share with a stranger, their political inclinations.

But you won't hear of this on mainstream media in the US. You just won't hear this story reported tomorrow, even though the now discredited yell of "Kill him!" heard by a reporter (he said) about Obama at a McCain rally was talked about for a week.

That was hearsay.

But if this turns out to be real, only Fox News and right-wing blogs will report it with the same intensity. Mainstream media will only report it with the same zeal if it turns out to be a hoax. The Anchoress is on my same wavelength.


"Anything to make Republicans look bad"

In fact, I think that's the new unspoken media motto today...

By the way, just chalk this up to yet another anti-woman attack in a year that has seen women become bowling pins, there to exist to be knocked down at every opportunity.

We'll see how this turns out. Either way, hope this poor woman is not dragged through the gutter like Joe Wurzelbacher.

ADDED: Local news report about the incident. What do you think?

ADDED: Her Twitter page already has a bunch of insults and taunts about this.

Kerrence: #litf08 how can that girl be so disgusting? seriously? isn't there enough stupid racist bullsh*t going around on both sides already?

ultrasur1: #litf08 so when this atodd person gets exposed for being a fraud and racist, what do you think the repercussions will be? no, seriously...

chanceofrainne: #litf08 ashley todd is a liar - anyone with half a brain can tell that 'black eye' is totes faked. attention whooooooooooore!!!!!!!!!

Her life is on the precipice of being changed forever. If this is a hoax, there won't be a surrogate Al Sharpton around to defend her Tawana Brawley self.

If this is true, God help her too.

EDIT: She also has a Youtube channel. That's as far as I will personally go in digging out info on her. As we speak, the Left Blogosphere is, I'm sure, giving her the full Joe the Plumber treatment.

UPDATE: It's a disgusting hoax. Update here.

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  • What do you think?

    Dunno. It seems legit. Time will tell.

    But she did give me an idea for a simple "solidarity" Halloween costume (if it proves real).

    Is that sick of me?

    By Blogger chickenlittle, at Fri Oct 24, 01:50:00 am GMT-4  

  • Wow! I dunno, Chickenlittle...too soon maybe.

    But as you say, if it's real, then it'll resonate.

    BTW, I recall posting about Halloween photos once which featured a woman dressed up as Judith Miller.

    The problem with these "topical" Halloween costume ideas, is that people 5 years from now will go, "Whaaa?" when they see the photo. ;)

    Unlike Palin, though, because she is not a 15-minutes of fame type, by far.


    By Blogger vbspurs, at Fri Oct 24, 01:55:00 am GMT-4  

  • "I've never confessed this out loud, but one of my deepest fears is that Palin herself might be harmed or worse..., during this race."

    During the first outburst of hatred following her nomination (Trig trutherism etc.) I wrote a friend that I thought Palin needed secret service protection more than Obama. So you've not been alone in your fears.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Oct 24, 07:13:00 am GMT-4  

  • Turns out to be a fabricated story.

    By Blogger peter hoh, at Fri Oct 24, 02:34:00 pm GMT-4  

  • I guess I won't be going as Ashley this Halloween. Now I just hope I don't see any Obama supporters taking my idea. That would be really sick.

    By Blogger chickenlittle, at Fri Oct 24, 03:19:00 pm GMT-4  

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