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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Palin Rally In Altoona

Governor Palin had two campaign rallies in Pennyslvania -- one at Johnstown, which you can see below. The other was in Altoona.

Here she is with her two daughters, Willow and Piper, and toting her infant son Trig in a kiddie sling.

Crowds line up early.

The Straight Talk Express bus is almost there.

Enormous energy at the rally.

Heh. I can see her dark roots in this over-exposed photo.

Afterwards, she heads to get some drinks at a pitstop, "the Sheetz convenience store/restaurant at Pleasant Valley Boulevard and 17th". (No Sheetz?) People line up to take photos with her.

That's when I noticed: Hey! Piper wears glasses? Miniature version of her mum's too!

I also notice that Willow and I have the same taste for Original Arizona teas. My favourite is Gingseng though.

Cradling her baby. Sniff. Gets me every time.

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