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Wednesday, October 01, 2008


(Is that an allusion too many? Oh, pish)

Ruth Anne emails about a possible barracuda-like reply by Governor Palin, to one of Gwen "Never Met an Obama I Didn't Like" Ifil's moderator questions:

Thank you for the question, Ms. Ifill — patronizing though it is. And, yes, if pressed, I could probably stand up right now, walk across the stage and name every country on that blank map of the Middle East you’ve so graciously set up for me. But I think I’ll pass.

First of all, I’d rather not spend next week fielding questions about whether I saw Tina Fey doing another impression of me of Saturday Night Live, this time bending over to point out Yemen — during which, of course, she’ll throw in a blank stare and gratuitous wiggle of her butt in order to suggest that the only reason John McCain picked me for the vice presidential slot was because I was once a beauty queen.

Ahh. It's good to fantatise, isn't it?

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