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Monday, October 06, 2008

Your Morning Happies

Start off your week roaring back and laughing!

ADDED: More stuff to tickle your funny bone this Monday. The photo above is from the Carson, California rally where Palin revealed that her father was actually born in Los Angeles (wow, interesting), and that her grandfather was a professional boxing photographer. Now you know where she got her feistiness.

Of the many posts I've read about the Palin Cali passage, this is by far the funniest. It's called:

OMG! OMG! I saw Sarah Palin!

I wonder, will I ever write a blogpost like this when I attend a Palin rally? Don't answer that.

So my GF calls me up this morning and say's "Hey one of the Candidates Is going to be at Carson High School" so I say who is it going to be? Her brother said I think it's Joe Biden I said well phooey. My GF say's I dont know for sure, turn on CNN, I was like UGH.

So I turn on CNN, and it was showing alot of the candidates and where they were, then it said, awaiting Sarah Palin in Carson Calif. I told her, OMG! I gotta go!

So I get in the shower real quick and get my clothes on and told my Dad I'll Be back going to see Sarah Palin. He say's ok not thinking what was really going on because he was busy on his computer lol.

So it turns out the event wasn't at Carson High School at all (Which is only a mile or two from me) It was at Cal State Dominguez Hills/Home Depot Center IN Carson.

So by the time I get there traffic is so damn heavy, and there was only one parking lot left with a few open spaces. Then I parked, and walked and walked and walked till I finally get to the event center, and like and Idiot I took off in my thongs and forgot my camera I was in such a rush. So by now I have blisters on my feet and upset because I forgot my camera.

Get up to the event center and they said "Sorry no one else is allowed in"! There were so many of us wanting to get in that we were all pissed as you can imagine, If I had only known about this sooner and left like at 10:00 this morning all would have been fine.

So there was a bunch of us that snuck up all over the grass in all kinds of places so that we could at least hear her. By that time they were just introducing her, the crowd went bizzerk!!! We peaked through one of the fences and got chased away by secret service of course then went back to the grass where they couldnt see us. But we could still hear her.

She started off with a line I will never forget, she said: I was drinking coffee out of my Starbucks Cup (Crowd Cheering) and on the cup there was a quote it read: "There is a special place reserved in hell for women that dont support other women"! Crowd cheering again, "And you know who the quote is from? She say's Madeline Albright"! Crowd goes wild. Then she went on the attack and started in on Obama's connections to Domestic terrorist Bill Ayres and others, Crowd goes wild again.

Ok so I got to at least listen to her whole speech. THEN, I go looking for my car which if you have ever been to Cal State Dominguez Hills/Home Depot Center you know there are a million parking lots and ya better write down where you parked if you expect to find it!

Well like an ass I didnt, I was walking and walking and walking again and then I ran into one of the employees for the event and I asked him approximately where I was. He say's Ma'am you are going to have to step off the road, I said why? What's going on? He said "Sarah Palin's motorcade is coming"! I said NO WAY! So I just stood there next to this guy waiting and sure enough here comes her motorcade, I start waving like a lunatic lol and then all the sudden there she was! Not 2 feet from me! She looked at me, smiled and waved at me! AT ME! I was like I dont believe this! She made eye contact with me! And was just as natural as could be!

I was so excited, then I really forgot where my car was and was walking and walking blisters on my feet and all, and then one of those golf cart driving people came up to me and told me to get in and they helped me find my car.

Needless to say every blister on my feet was worth it.

What an awesome day!

I am still so thrilled I cant stand it, even if I didnt get pictures this was an experience I will NEVER forget! :-)

OMG! OMG! I'm SO jealous!

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  • Well, Vics, you might be as excited, but you would probably know how to spell 'berserk'.

    By Blogger Ruth Anne Adams, at Mon Oct 06, 05:12:00 pm GMT-4  

  • She has been on fire. Tons of great lines just since Thursday.

    By Blogger knox, at Mon Oct 06, 05:29:00 pm GMT-4  

  • Well, by process of elimination it had to be Palin.

    Biden is taking the first half of the week off because his mother in law passed away Sunday night. McCain and Obama are in debate prep for tomorrow.

    I've seen Bill Clinton and John Kerry campaign live, Hillary Clinton give a speech live (not a campaign speech though) and met Bill Richardson. I've also eaten a blintz about twelve feet from Dan Quayle (yes, you heard that right. I was sitting in a restaurant and he walked in. I was trapped.) Maybe I should have asked him whether he could spell, 'blintz.'

    By Blogger Eli Blake, at Tue Oct 07, 12:01:00 am GMT-4  

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