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Monday, October 06, 2008

Volvo Boob

This is the daughter of Sidney Lumet and granddaughter of Lena Horne (I know right), Amy Lumet. PDS-suffering Gawker is linking to a scurrilous story about her and Senator McCain. Never mind all that.

What I want to know, in fact, what I have been trying to figure out for half-an-hour after seeing this photo, is what ON EARTH is that thing under her blouse?

Gawker's commentariat are also perplexed:


- i mean i am sorry but i cannot read the article because i am too busy being freaked out by spongebob square boob! ack!

- is she leaning against a window?

- I just don't understand those breasts. I wish someone could explain them to me.

- I've just spent five minutes trying to make my boobs look square. They really don't want to. I'd give up, but I'm kind of aroused now.

- Jesus hold my Glock!! Beautiful women, STOP f*cking yourselves over with appalling fake breasts! You are not fooling anyone and you are only making yourself cheaper! Why can't we f*cking love ourselves enough to realize we don't need that kind of sh*t??? It doesn't take much!

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