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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pass Me Some Of That Obama

I never believed the scurrilous rumours that President Obama, during his college days at Columbia University, was not just a consumer of marijuana, but had actually sold it.

That's ridiculous. It's like believing that Governor Palin was turning tricks for tuition at Idaho U. Still waitin' on those transcripts though.

Today, however, comes news of a different kind of drug connexion. From the Smoking Gun site, entitled the Audacity of Dope (darn it, that was going to be my blogpost title):

"JANUARY 23--Add heroin to the scores of products that have been branded with President Barack Obama's name. Cops in upstate New York this week broke up a drug ring that allegedly sold heroin under several brand names, including "Obama." As seen in Sullivan County Sheriff's Office photos, the president's surname was stamped in red ink on small glassine wrappers that were peddled by street dealers. Investigators arrested five suspects for their alleged roles in the narcotics distribution activity. The branding of illicit drugs is a favorite of pushers, who have previously sold bin Laden heroin, Harry Potter Ecstasy, bricks of Teletubbies cocaine, and green-tinted crack in recognition of St. Patrick's Day."

Aww you gotta know that Teletubbie's gotta be some strong sheet. I want me some of that!

But the Obama heroin. Not so much.

What is that underneath? A ledger of who likes what, and when?

"100 g of pure Bin Laden for Apt. 5-A. They owe me for last week, don't forget."

P.S.: In a totally unrelated note, I watched Pineapple Express tonight, and though I am a Seth Rogen fan -- even I was growing weary of his pot-bellied loser routine. But this movie had me rolling down the aisles. Obama needs to Netflix that, stat.

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