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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Talkin' 'Bout A Revolution

Find your city here.

Would you go to American Tea Party near you? Count me in.

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  • I can barely stand these guys for unrelated reasons, but there is a more local version of open revolt brewing out here. I wonder whether the movements will converge and play off each other.

    Hey, I missed "Taking Chance" because I'm not an HBO subscriber. I read up on it from your coverage and will see it eventually.

    By Blogger chickenlittle, at Sun Feb 22, 01:58:00 am GMT-5  

  • I've often wondered "what would it take to get conservatives to protest??" (besides abortion). Taking to the streets and other attention-seeking tactics are not really conservatives' thing. I'll be really interested to see how this pans out.

    By Blogger knox, at Sun Feb 22, 09:51:00 am GMT-5  

  • Taking to the streets in protest is not a conservative thing, because, for the most part, conservatives have jobs and families to raise, unlike so many libs out there with their hands out, waiting for the big government nanny to pay their way.

    I just got this bumper sticker: Socialism is great, until you run out of other peoples money! And B.O. and company are going through that money at lightning speed. Guess they will have to just print more - hey massive inflation, here we come!

    By Anonymous FLGirl, at Tue Feb 24, 10:33:00 am GMT-5  

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