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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Blogmarathon no April Fool's

Have you ever wanted to be a part of the Guiness World Book of Records? Well, now you can -- maybe.

A blogger has brainstormed a Blogmarathon Day on 1st April, 2005 starting at 7:30 PM "UK Time", when bloggers who have signed up at the site below, will be blogging for 26.5 hours, updating their blogs on any topic they like, every 30 minutes.

Blogger Marathon on 1 April

Please note that the date was changed from 11th April to 1st April, because it's Red Nose Day in the UK on the 11th, so update your Palm Pilots in case you signed up back in February.

Like all good ideas involving record-breaking feats, the idea is both marvellous and geeky.

In a way, this endeavour reminds me of those Non-stop Dance Contests so popular during the Great Depression. You know the kind -- last couple left standing gets an apple.

Terpsichory Marathon

I'm sure someone will have a live webcam or Flickr their marathon blogation for all of us to see, as they sustain themselves on Smarties and Starbucks, wiping the sleep from their eyes -- "must Publish Post! must Publish Post!".

Did I use the word geeky yet? Good.

Now I know what you're thinking: You're asking yourselves, will I participate in this worthy marathon?

I don't think so, since 1st April is a Friday, and I have no idea how intense my future Med School rotation will be after Spring Break next week.

Otherwise I'd be in there like a shot.


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