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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Whatever happened to Peter Duchin?

I arrive home tonight exhausted, comme d'habitude, turn on telly to my channel of choice, and see that my local PBS station is conducting its inevitable Beg-a-thon. *sigh*

In fact, I would like to add a corollary to death and taxes, namely PBS beg-a-thons as the three things we cannot avoid in this life. Or should even try to.

To my amusement, they were featuring the fella who has been called The Cuban Liberace, Enrique Chia.

(No clue if he is the founder of that Christmas present everyone receives as a Secret Santa, the "Chi-Chi-Chia" head-plant, but I wouldn't put it past a jobbing pianist to moonlight)

But you know, not only by repertoire, but by looks, Enrique Chia and his boleros romanticos remind me more of the ultra-suave Peter Duchin than of the hysterically nouveau riche drag-queenations of Liberace. RIP.

Too sexy for my Piano

There isn't an Eastern seaboard high-society wedding, christening, confirmation, graduation clambake, and East Hampton soirée where Peter Duchin's twinkling tunes were not much in evidence. If the father of the bride wears a Brooks Brothers suit, he'll be there.

So, whatever happened to Peter Duchin?

Fortunately, he's alive and doing quite well according to his website, Duchin Entertainment.

In fact, according to the webmaestro, "Peter and his various bands and orchestras play more than 400 engagements per year."

400! Blimey, he's busier than DJ Tiësto!

The site confirms he has been present from Venice to Vancouver, covering a motley crew of events, including these high-powered nuptials:

Weddings - We have played thousands, and just to mention a few:

  • Kennedy Weddings (Joe & Rose's 9 kids paid the Duchin mortgage alone)
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger/Maria Shriver Wedding (Tsk, resumé padding)
  • Sarah Jessica Parker/Mathew Broderick Wedding (Sex with the Producers)

So next time you are playing "Six Degrees to Kevin Bacon", don't forget Peter Duchin -- he's to Six Degrees what pavé canary diamond rings were to Liberace. RIP.

Ooh! Living Longer with Gary Null is on now. That means Suze Orman is next. Yay.


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