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Friday, April 22, 2005

Timing is Everything

I'm too cynical, I think.

I've spent about half-an-hour trying to convince my mother that the final Conclave ballotting was actually timed perfectly to coincide with the full attention of the world.

The smoke started around 1 PM EDT, which was early supper time at 6 PM GMT, 7 PM CET, just late enough for the West Coast to be getting their refill of morning coffee at 10 AM, and only 1 AM in many parts of Asia. Pfff, even 8 year-olds are up at 1 AM these days.

I bet you anything that ballotting was over in the 3rd round, but they waited until the 4th for the optimal time to announce it.

And yes, I am fully aware I am assigning a Machiavellic intent to my Church's Papal announcement.

But...do you remember that scene in Mel Gibson's otherwise forgettable Braveheart, where Edward I sends his daughter-in-law Isabelle to intercede for him, in a bid to avert war? And when she returns, she says she failed -- prompting the wily King to say, yes but in the two weeks you have been gone, it allowed us to prepare better for war.

Well, I love that.

If the Church was savvy enough to use the media at just the right time, when they were assured all eyes would be on them, more power to them.


  • This surely belongs in one of the other threads, but this week's Tina Brown column is actually very, very revealing.

    By Blogger JSU, at Fri Apr 22, 04:55:00 am GMT-4  

  • Wow, JSU. Thank you so much for the tremendo leenkaso, as they say in the Babalu blog.

    I almost had a chance to meet Tina Brown at a "do", since I was in NYC and living in the flat of a friend of my Aunt Audrey (the aunt by marriage of cousin Maudie). Like everyone in that side of the family, they know EVERYONE in NYC(Anna Wintour is a good friend of Aunt Audrey's, e.g.), especially the ex-pats of renown.

    Let me tell you, I have always found her an awful back-stabbing weasel, but she's a British awful back-stabbing weasel, which means she doesn't hide behind platitudes, and "no I didn't say that"s. She comes out and tells you what's on her mind, come rain or come PC squad.

    But she also has not a clue where she's living in, an attitude I have found all-too-often with the Upper East side crowd, as you know all too well yourself.

    She's not in America. She's in NYC. In NYC, if you're religious and elite, you're suspect.

    It's like being middle-class and not mowing to your lawn. Very dodgy.

    So I liked how she mentioned, as I did moments after the coverage started on the new Pope, that it felt like the November election all over again. And her "It's like expecting Barak Obama and getting Bob Dole" line.

    (I also have to "thank" her for the chuckle as to the name connotations of Ratzinger. A cross between Ratso Rizzo and William Zanzinger, LOL)

    But the article to me is odious in intent. Odious in tone. Odious in thought. And finally odious because for every one like Tina Brown, there are dozens of her who made my academic life in the US a nightmare.

    I'm sure you didn't fail to notice I finally had enough and took a sabbatical just during the Papal Death, Burial, and Election.

    When you are the butt of professorial contempt because you are a happy participant in "Papistry", you know you may be in the wrong place.

    Sure, one can shut up, and please the Tina Browns, but they don't shut up, do they? So why should we.


    By Blogger vbspurs, at Fri Apr 22, 03:13:00 pm GMT-4  

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