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Thursday, October 27, 2005

MSM trying to Katrina Wilma

Watch out, people!

It was only a matter of time before the insidious members of the national news media tried, in incremental stories, to compare the State/Federal "under"-reaction to Hurricane Wilma to that of Hurricane Katrina.

As I was watching NBC6 -- our channel 6 morning news show, co-anchored by long-time hometown boy, Bob Mayer, and Pam Giganti --, they showed a reportage which was completely twisted by everyone's favourite flood-stager, Michelle Kosinski.

I am sad to say, she is a local reporter, for the self-same NBC6, now plying most of her "tailored" stories at the Today Show.

The Today Show itself has been pre-empted by our more local coverage of Hurricane Wilma, since they show the all-important advisories about PODs (points of distribution -- for ice, water, and hot meals), as Governor Bush has called them.

But since Michelle's Today Show clip had to do with our recovery efforts here in South Florida, they showed it in its entirety.

Her report made it seem as if Governor Jeb Bush was taking absolute blame for the problems incurred in the "mishandling" or "mismanagement" of supply distributions, which if you were to hear the report, were considerable.

Then our Miami-Dade County mayor, Carlos Alvarez (a very competent and organised administrator, who has been praised locally for his efficient updates to the public), was heard in the piece saying that the Federal Government had trucks of supplies on "their way", making it seem as if he were unaware exactly of the routes and times of their arrival.

Furthermore, Kosinski's report implied that there was considerable local dissatisfaction at the slow Federal response.

That's when Bob Mayer surprised us viewers by saying, "We love Michelle a lot, but there are some inaccuracies in that report", which saw Giganti nodding resignedly alongside him.

First of all, the Homestead Sports Complex (which is the hub of FEMA during all hurricane disasters) has over 118 trucks filled with supplies which are being distributed to all the PODS today, the locations of which are here.

There is no lack of supplies, and any FEMA convoy coming is there to resupply BEFORE the supplies run out, not because we ALREADY have run out.

The Kosinski reportage made it seem like the Orange Bowl POD had run out of food at 6 PM EDT, which is a tweak at the truth again, since they close the OB because we have a local curfew at 8 PM.

Thus, there is food available until that time only.

If I didn't live here, and hadn't caught this Kosinski spin on the facts, in other words, if I were a regular American watching the Today Show, I'd probably be thinking right about now that the State/Feds have again bungled up, or at the very least, not really prepared well enough for another hurricane.

It's difficult to truly anticipate every contigency for any catastrophic event, but our one major concern locally is our dire need for petrol.

However, the tankers were positioned in waiting post-Wilma, but we can't access the blessed petrol because we have no electricity to run the pumps!

It takes time people -- still 3 million people are offline without power.

According to FPL estimates, there are some poor beggars who won't have their power back until until the week of Thanksgiving (November 22).

Power grids, sub-stations, downed lines, all of these have to be addressed, and even 23 states who sent their Utility workers to help us out, can only do so much to fix what is a major catastrophe.

But noooo. MSM won't have it.

Someone, and we all know who that will be, MUST be blamed, even if it's in small doses, tweaking, framing stories as ever.

I'm genuinely disgusted at this story this morning, and though I still do not have 'net access at home, I ran to the University, with my own limited petrol, to post this story, so the insidious whisper-campaign can be headed off.

I hope the Political Teen has this video so you can see it for yourselves.

P.S.: Why does Site Metre say I am accessing the blog from Key Biscayne?? Our Uni is no where near Key Biscayne! Oddness.


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