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Monday, July 31, 2006

I'm BACK and he's GONE!!

(Welcome Michelle Malkin readers! See "What Will Happen When Castro Dies" below)


I owe you a million and one apologies for my sudden, and prolonged absence from Sundries.

I had wanted to return properly, with a more sedate, but fun post (as I hope, is my wont), next Monday, 7 August -- which is also my birthday.

But today, due to momentous events, I return with a bouncing joy to my beloved blog.

When I received in the post earlier today, a brand-new DELL computer, little did I realise my private glee would be transformed tonight into even more heightened feelings.

Because today, 31 July 2006, FIDEL CASTRO HAS STEPPED DOWN as the non-elected "President" of Cuba.

Do you know what this means? Really, and truly means?

For the first time in almost half-a-century of personality cult dictatorship, of separation of families, of rafts, of deprivations not due to any embargo, but the need to subjugate a whole people because of one person's madness, CUBA IS FREER TONIGHT than she's been since 1959.

I am not Cuban.

But you know how much this means to you, even if you've only read my quirky blog for a small length of time.

Words cannot properly describe the relief I feel, for all the dozens of Cuban-American friends I have had throughout my life, and the many who I have met on the internet.

So today, I ask you to drink a toast for freedom.

Jose. Val. Robert. Charlie. Your people are free. If not now, ahora mismito, you will be soon.


I am on my way to Versailles, in the heart of Little Havana, like I promised so many months ago!


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