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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Urbi Et Orbi

Best sight during the Easter Sunday telecast from the Vatican, as Pope Benny gave his Urbi et Orbi speech?

Why, this precious munchkin, of course!

Although I must say the Esperanto-poster-wielding crowd at the back were a hoot, too. Did you notice how the Pope smiled and waved at them, when he said his Easter greetings in Esperanto?

I thought the Aramaic crowd looked particularly vexed, though.

P.S.: In harder news, it turns out that the Pope MIGHT have been the lynchpin statement which forced President Mahmood Ahmedinejad to release our British military personnel from their illegal imprisonment in Iran.

Just a few hours before the President gave back the servicemen (and one rather portly, disgustingly overfriendly servicewoman), the Pope sent over a message saying that releasing them would be taken as a great sign of "goodwill", especially notable if was done before Easter Sunday.

And so it was done.

Who knows what the reason was, or what prompted the disgraceful behaviour of the released prisoners of war, to act as they did.

No one in Colditz would have behaved like that, that's for sure.

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