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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ted Kennedy Suffers Possible Stroke

Just hitting the news wires:

Senator Edward Moore Kennedy (D-Mass) has been airlifted to a Boston hospital, after being rushed to a local hospital from his Hyannis Port family compound. He went from the Barnstable Airport to Mass General in Boston with "stroke-like" symptoms.

His original stay at a local Cape Code hospital's Emergency Room was for two hours, but the situation must've been more than they could handle.

The Senator is one of only 3 surviving Kennedy children, of the much ballyhooed Irish-Catholic family of 9.

They include his eldest surviving sister, Eunice Kennedy Shriver (86), mother-in-law to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. She suffered a stroke herself in November 2005; and Jean Kennedy Smith (80), ex-Ambassador to the Republic of Ireland, in President Clinton's administration.

The Senator is the last surviving son of Ambassador and Mrs. Joseph P. Kennedy. He just turned 76 this February.

He has survived a devastating airplane crash, suffering severe back injuries, seen here below rehabbing in the pool wearing his brace. He was not very hurt after his car plunged into the Chappaquiddick river, during the now infamous incident near Martha's Vineyard.

He is the longest-surviving Senate member, having been elected to his brother, President Kennedy's old seat, in 1962.

I'll update this post with news later in the day.

UPDATE: Commenter JSU points out that newer reports downplay the "stroke" wording.

"...A family spokesman later characterized his condition as a seizure, the Associated Press reported.

CNN said Kennedy relatives were optimistic he would recover. Other reports said Kennedy made a phone call after being transported to the hospital to cancel a luncheon.

The Cape Cod Times said local fire officials received a call from the Kennedy compound around 8:30 a.m. Eastern time. Kennedy, 76, was treated at Cape Cod Hospital before a helicopter transfer to Massachusetts General around 10:15 a.m., the report said.

Kennedy's hospitalization comes seven months after the senator underwent surgery to remove blockage in his left carotid artery."

(Via Marketwatch)

UPDATE, Monday 19 May 2008: Senator Barack Obama called the Senator to inquire how he was, and though groggy from the medication, he was in good shape.

"Obama said he does not want Kennedy rushing back to the campaign trail and expects the senator's wife, Victoria Reggie Kennedy, to enforce doctors' orders, once his course of care is established. "All of us believe that he probably needs to rest up," Obama said.

"Obviously, we were all very worried yesterday," Obama said.

"I had spoken to Vickie, and she had indicated that the initial prognosis was better than what may have been reported in the press."

After watching the Red Sox game yesterday, Kennedy planned to view a few rented movies to pass the time: "The Great Debaters, "Best in Show," and some old Fred Astaire movies, Cutter said."

Fred Astaire movies! Ron, can you hear me now?

UPDATE 20 May 2008: With regret, I have to post that Senator Ted Kennedy has been diagnosed with brain cancer.

In cynical terms, this means Senator Obama will be deprived of a very staunch supporter in his campaign since this precludes any further campaigning, certainly in the near future. Also, noting the seniority issue above, vis-à-vis the Clintons, Kennedy will not act as a bulwark against the Clinton Machine at the convention.

But let's leave that aside for now. I wish him only the best. Prayers to him and to his family, for the best possible outcome.

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  • Geez, he looked young and hale then.

    Funny what four decades of drinking away a bad conscience can do.

    Anyway, my thoughts are with his family, though later reports seem to be downplaying the stroke angle.

    By Blogger JSU, at Sat May 17, 02:18:00 pm GMT-4  

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