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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Reasons To Vote For Obama

One can't say it better than this:

If Obama loses the presidency, I will lose all faith in America

Good People,

We were discussing the results of Hillary’s victory in Pennsylvania on our forums earlier today, and pondered the outcome of a Hillary vs. McCain showdown come election time. I’ve never been the type to get really involved or emotional when it comes to politics, but the more I imagined the possibility of Barack Obama not being our next president, the more pissed off and irritated I became.

And so I wrote….and thought…..and wrote some more…

On some real sh*t, I think this election is less about “Is America ready for a candidate like Obama?” and more about “Is America DESERVING of a candidate like Obama.

Cause honestly, if this man doesn’t win the presidency I will forever look at this country sideways. Obama is the first candidate I’ve ever heard actually talk about unity and bringing people together; McCain and Hillary are both on some “God Bless America, and no place else” sh*t. Obama is the only candidate who, in my opinion, is connected to the struggle of the common man. Yes, he’s rich and educated and so forth, but he has still lived life AS A BLACK MAN IN AMERICA….and if anybody is qualified to speak on the struggles of everyday people, its Black americans. Even at our highest heights, we still n----rs in the eyes of many. We can relate to the underclass because we’re either 1) still there, or 2) not but a paycheck or two from being BACK there. I seriously cannot think of any reason why this man should NOT be put in office:


(See my comments above)

Experience or lack thereof? (N*gga please. The man is happily married to Michelle. Anyone who’s married to a Black woman knows that if you can successfully negotiate with THEM, then negotiating foreign policy and the day to day workings of the White House should be a breeze.)

My point is that if Americans can’t open their eyes, put their distractions to the side (race, Rev. Wright, the fear of ‘terrorism,’ “national security,” and all that silly sh*t), and understand that we need a real change in our country, then I can no longer feel sorry for them. If cats wanna keep talkin about it instead of being about it, then I really can’t feel sympathy for any of the problems that we face:

May our gas prices continue to spiral out of control…

May a trip to the doctor for a f*ckin papercut continue to cost hundreds of dollars…

May our educational system continue to fail our kids at an alarming rate…

May our soldiers continue to get senselessly hurt and killed in countries they had no place being….

If we all don’t wake up, all of these things will continue to happen and I, for one, will feel no sympathy because we did it to ourselves. Understand yo, I’m voting for Obama because he is a qualified Black man. (And on a side note, if you identify as a Black person and you’re NOT voting for Obama, then I’m lookin at ‘cho ho ass sideways too. He’s competent and qualified, people….it ain’t like we talkin bout Kwame Kilpatrick runnin for president…) I’m not expecting Obama to rush in waving his mystical, magical, Make Sh*t Perfect Wand; I just want a dude in office who understands what its like to be me.

So yeah, if Obama don’t win the democratic nomination I’m stayin the f*ck home and jackin off to some Jazmine Cashmere. In the words of George Carlin, at least when I finish masturbating (unlike our country’s voting process), I’ll have something to show for it.

Obama ‘08

One love,

...ah yes. It's all there.

Racial intimidation. Black women misogyny. National Security and all that silly poopy. All written in that unmistakeably ungrammatical street jive talk of both whites and blacks everywhere, but which media would mock for its mangled lack of sophistication, had it been written by a countryass white boy in a pickup.

Well, that's me convinced.



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