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Monday, June 30, 2008


So said President Rodríguez Zapatero of Spain, when asked about his country's well-earned Euro 2008 victory.

"Estoy muy feliz. He disfrutado y es un privilegio ser el primer presidente de la democracia que tiene la suerte de ver esto. Han merecido ganar. Esto sólo es el principio. Lo mejor está aún por venir.¡Podíamos!"

(Trans) "I am very happy. I've enjoyed it. It's a privilege to be the first president of a democracy to have witnessed such an event. They deserved to win. This is only the beginning: the best is yet to come. YES WE CAN!"

...okay, Podiamos is more like "yes we could", in the past tense, but the mantra is still the same, and universal amongst his kind, apparently.

More to my liking was the genuine emotion and elegance exhibited by the royal pair, King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia.

Unlike their son and daughter-in-law, who whooped it up in near-hooligan fashion during the Spain-Russia match, Crown Prince Felipe and Crown Princess Letizia even using her Blackberry to text their friends during the match...

...the monarch and his wife showed why they have been a class act on the Spanish Throne for 33 years.

The King's words say it all.

"Ha sido muy emocionante. Hemos sufrido pero ha merecido la pena. Es lo más bonito de los últimos años. Ya era hora"

(Trans) "It was all very emotional. We went through a lot but it was all worth it. It's the most beautiful thing that's happened in recent years."

Then he and the Queen patted El Niño, goal winner Fernando Torres, and said, "It was high time."

P.S.: Okay, so my mother cried after the match. For whatever reason, she wanted this title more than other years -- possibly because she can't remember a decade when Germany went title-less (since the 1960s, actually).

But honestly, Spain were impeccable in the tournament.

Even my former whipping-boy, Iker Casillas, was unrecognisably good. Brazilian-born Marcos Senna was the finest player on the pitch today, whereas Schweinthingie was abysmal, Ballack a rude joke, and manager Loew an idealess hack.

So yes. Despite my unequivocal support of Germany this entire tournament, I echo the King.

After 44 years of Spanish Armada drought, ya era hora. Congrats, Spain!

MORE: Heh. Actually, I hadn't seen this bit. Not only can you see and hear the King saying what he did above, but the Queen's reaction after the match is priceless.

She goes up to the King, and yanks him over to kiss him. Meanwhile, he's busy being slap-happy with the entire VIP section.



  • Wow. What a buncth of lithpers. Buenoth diath.

    [My Spanish prof in college was British and so I did learn the castilian version of things then...much to the chagrin of my American/Mexican English teaching high school teacher.]

    By Blogger Ruth Anne Adams, at Mon Jun 30, 02:54:00 pm GMT-4  

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