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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sex And The Gertrude Stein Look-A-Like

I finally saw Sex And The City this weekend, and let me say that for the first hour I was a pig in muck, I mean! a diva in Prada.

It was everything one expected it to be, and more since the storyline was extremely well-crafted, with pitch-perfect acting performances by Cynthia Nixon and Sarah Jessica Parker, especially.

Unfortunately, I thought Kim Catrall's part was underwritten, perhaps a nasty testament to her having held out for so long. She had always been the sexiest of the four ladies, as everyone knows -- but in the cable show, her 28 minutes left you wanting more and never thinking she was a hideous caricature of a 40-plus strumpet. What a shame then, the celluloid Samantha Jones descended into sad farce.

Kristin Davis' part was as usual, ditzy. She's the most centered, fulfilled of the four and her character is as grating as ever.

Cynthia Nixon's taut, cynical Miranda was certainly always the most real, most well-defined persona of the four ladies, arguably, even better than Carrie Bradshaw's.

She was the character which allowed a peep of reality into an otherwise preposterously, but deliciously glamourous show. The film didn't disappoint, with her able on-screen husband David Eigenberg providing the most throat-catching storyline of the four.

I can cope with reality. I welcome it. And yes, I knew that Cynthia Nixon was soon to wed her long-time love, Christine Marioni.

I just had not, until this moment, clapped eyes on the pair.

Well, what can you say.

Sometimes it is better not to know too much about celebrities. Anyway...Mazel Tov, Cynthia. Enjoy it -- whilst it lasts.

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