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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

You Can't Fight City Hall

Not that infamous "peace mom" Cindy Sheehan is fighting City Hall, of course.

She's instead taken up the less daunting challenge of merely trying to unseat Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-SF), current Speaker of the US House of Representatives, no less. The third heartbeat in the line of Presidential succession, lest we forget.

Here she is, captured pacing just outside San Francisco City Hall, head down whilst one solitary, indefatigable supporter holds up a "Cindy" sign.

As everyone who has commented on this post has said, "sad".

I feel enormously for her son, who gave his life for his country, honouring his sacrifice and her pain as a mother. But it's no wonder she's so alone, as she has become something of an off-kilter joke -- a female, more rabidly anti-semitic version of President Jimmy Carter. Consequently, she lost me as a sympathiser, years ago.

But speaking of which, hey Cindy, where are your big-shot friends now?

You sure look like you could need a hug.


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