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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Defrock Him Now

One thing is a preacher who doesn't represent my religion, but not one little bit in the name of Jesus Christ, saying abominable things from the pulpit.

But it's quite another thing to hear this foul-mouthed hate-speech from a Roman Catholic priest.

I'm livid.

Words cannot describe how I feel about this man. I merely laughed at Reverend Wright, the clown of Trinity United Church.

But Father Michael Pfleger, a supposed shepherd of my Church...well, it's done gone personal now.


There is a serious problem at the church where the almost certain nominee of the Democratic Party, Senator Obama sat for 20 years, listening to similar "sermons".

Never mind that. I am not a fellow Christian or a fellow human being in their eyes, due to my skin colour. I'm just another oppressor.

But I am a Roman Catholic, and it is to my fellow co-religionist that I say:

Cardinal George of Chicago, how can you allow this man to represent Catholics everywhere? You should be ashamed for all of us. Have the guts to defrock him, now.

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