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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sarkozy Fan Tutte

Very rarely do left-wing politicians get the same amount ferocity of opinions, as do right-wing politicians.

Whilst General Pinochet was reviled as a tinpot hatchet man, and gruesomely villainous dictator, a certain lawyer by the name of Fidel Castro gets a pass from those who hate Pinochet for the same, if not worse atrocities.

Not having lived during the Nixon era, I can't say if Bush Derangement Syndrome trumps the vitriol lobbed at that man's head.

I have seen it manifest itself in France, though, even from a distance.

Now it's official. A French psychiatrist has coined a phrase for their equivalent of BDS:

Obsessive Sarkosis

("Doctor! Doctor! Is it fatal? No, Madame, you will be cured in 5 years, unless Ségo is still around.")

Dr. Serge Hefez assures us that in his surgery, a lot of his patients suddenly start referring to President Nicolas Sarkozy by name.

“He’s penetrated some of their deepest fantasies. I noticed all this passion in people speaking of him, and I thought there is something particular about this man — he’s like a reflection of us in the mirror.”

The French have even poked fun at themselves about this new phenomenon in cartoons. One had this patient saying to her shrink:

“I’m very worried.

Sunday, at the Louvre, I asked a guard where to find the room of Egyptian Sarkozycophagi. At dinner with a musicologist, I said twice that my favorite opera is ‘Sarkozy Fan Tutte.’ I’d like to know if this is serious and how to cure it.”

Only the French could joke about an obsession and reference an opera. The article continues:

Television covers Mr. Sarkozy’s every gesture, in both homage and mockery, itself an effort to create distance from the phenomenon that it perpetuates and magnifies. It is all part of what the French have come to call the “pipolisation” of political life, a term, presumably derived from People magazine, that refers to the idolatry of celebrities and soap opera. Dr. Hefez considers the trend an example of “democracy turning against itself, as Tocqueville foresaw.”

The shock of finding out the French might bury their noses into People Magazine (!) almost made me faint. Who reads that in the States in such quantities, that it should be exported to La Belle Snobe??

I must be out of circulation.

(A little publishing humour for you)

Really, I can't say that I blame the French. I'm not a big fan of Sarkozy. I know he may be pro-USA, or as much as an inhabitant of the Elysée can be, but I still see him for what he is.

President Bling-Bling, a slightly oily demagogue who never met a Mont Blanc pen he didn't like.


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  • So they finally made a film of Le Pen et sur la table, eh? As a certifiable Frog Rookie, ("Frookie") I can hardly wait for Come, oh, Saaw Va, and my long-anticipated Ooo, hey, La Sal du Bain?

    By Blogger Ron, at Sun May 25, 07:03:00 am GMT-4  

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