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Friday, June 06, 2008

Caroline For Veep?

I recently blogged about Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg being the first to step up, after the Reverend Wright fiasco, and help Michelle Obama shoulder some press duties that day.

Given the flak, and A-List Obama supporters who kept mum during the whole unsavoury business, I thought that showed a fair amount of courage, and class: par for the course for Mrs. Schlossberg.

Now comes word that President Kennedy's 50-year old daughter is part of the 3 named advisers, to choose his Vice-Presidential running mate.

You know, Harriet Miers had been President Bush's adviser during his search to fill Chief Justice Rehnquist's successor, after his demise. It turned out she got the nod herself (abortively, though).

So what would you say to an Obama-Kennedy '08 ticket?

If only Mrs. Schlossberg had had some genuine political experience, even of the local sort, I think she would've been the best choice for him, by far. The female Boomer vote would've been his instantly (pace Hillary), some wistful Reagan Democrats might've been coerced back to the Party to vote, and those swing States like Pennsylvania, and even the suddenly hesitant Massachussetts would be in the bag.

As it stands, I don't think it will happen. If he gets in, she might get an Ambassadorship, though, as her aunt Jean Kennedy Smith did for the Republic of Ireland from President Clinton.

She is a lawyer, and one who has written several books, one about the intricacies of Constitutional Law. Though without judicial background, technically any lawyer can be nominated to the Supreme Court...

I'm not sure nostalgia should play a consideration in any selection, let alone for the second heartbeat to the Presidency -- but one would have to be inhuman to say it wouldn't be an exciting choice.


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