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Monday, August 25, 2008

"The Other Edwards"

Did you know that Congressman Chet Edwards (D-TX), who made the final 4 cut list of possible Vice-Presidential candidates, claims his surname done him in? Said the rebuffed Veep:

"I would have to think that a bumper sticker that said 'Obama/The Other Edwards' might have been a bit difficult."

Heh. That would've been dicey after the John Edwards' mistress scandal, wouldn't it?

Though Team Obama didn't even give Senator Clinton the courtesy of an interview, Congressman Edwards says that the vetting process is much deeper than any of us can imagine.

"Obama asked if it would be OK to start a formal vetting process.

“I said certainly, it would be a privilege,” Edwards replied, sparking what he called “a deadly serious process.”

“I laughed at one point and said I'm normally thrilled if anyone remembers what I said 25 minutes after I'd given a speech,” he said. “I never dreamed there would be lawyers being paid to read my speeches from 25 years ago.”

“They look at every thing. . .and even check whether our children have any kinds of things they should not have on Facebook,” Edwards said."

The kids' Facebook entries! You know, that's pretty good. It's almost Republican in thoroughness. Thumbs up, Team Obama.

As for the week's main event:

I'm not sure I'll be blogging the DNC this week, much, as I'm still more or less on August sabbatical. I'm light blogging until mid-September.

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