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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Anti-Palin Ad Hits Airwaves

Overheard at another blog:

The first anti-Palin ad surfaced here in Columbus: sponsored by an environmental "wolves-are-people-too" group, it calls Palin cruel and savage, proven by doctored photos of her scowling and looking like Dr. Evil's sister, and by implication one should think that she will start killing human beings, probably the ones inhabiting vegetarian restaurants, Whole Foods, and Michael Mooron film festivals, as soon as she is installed.

"Wolves are people too"? HOWL. Pun intended.

I need to see this ad! If you have a lead, please let me know.

ADDED: Could it be this one? I was literally expecting her to be portrayed as Dr. Evil's sister, Frau Palin.

You know, because Wolfie here is so sweet and cuddly.

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