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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Chris Matthews Called McCain A "Troll"

A disgraceful performance on MSNBC by Chris Matthews, who alongside his ideological partner Keith Olbermann, was recently called on the carpet by his bosses for their partisan chit-chat and were removed from election night and debate coverage.

Doesn't seem to have worked.

When he was engaging a guest, he said which candidate would you like to have in your face for 4-8 years? He then replied for the guest, "or is he too troll-like?". He continued in this vein for a good three or four sentences, each more unprofessional than the other.

Trying to get a video for this 12:40 AM EST comment, because following the behaviour of David Letterman (who is at least a comedian, on paper) stealing a news clip from the Couric interview with Senator McCain, this continues the unbelievably biased treatment by networks this year.

Please do not reply that Fox News would do the same. If they were to lay into Obama the way Matthews, Olbermann, Maddow and others on MSNBC have laid into McCain and Palin, there would've been such cries of racism, it would be deafening.

How Tim Russert is missed on the American journalism scene, MY GOD.

ADDED: So I wasn't dreaming. Another blogger caught it too.

McCain, as Chris Matthews just said, comes off like a troll.

And another.

Chris Matthews characterized McCain on MSNBC as a "troll" who was "angry at the world."

Yet another blogger caught it:

Anyway, the post script on MSNBC has been mixed. Matthews has been a bit harsh, repeatedly leading on how McCain didn't look at Obama. how troll like McCain was and bringing up a load of 'talking points' that Obama missed.

More reactions:

As you know, MSNBC decided to reassign their Leftist lightning rods, Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann for these debates. Matthews got stuck with the late shift following the debate tonight and I flipped it over to watch a bit of his Obama love fest. On several occasions, I was reminded of film clips of star struck female fans of Elvis and The Beatles from the 1960’s watching Matthews. He sat in a chair, arms cross his chest, as if he was trying to hug himself, his head tilted gently to the side as he stared off into the night, obviously enjoying a case of happy pants as he thought of his ultimate man crush Barrack Obama. He asked two basic questions to his guests, “Wasn’t Obama great?” and “Will being ‘troll-like’ hurt John McCain?”

Seriously? “Troll like?” If John McCain is “troll like,” what is Barrack Obama? Fascist like?

Chris, tell me, will being a fascist hurt Barrack Obama? Let’s hope so, because the one thing Obama does understand and embrace is fascism.

Calling a Presidential candidate "a troll" is not only abusive, but it's disrespectful. They felt that Senator McCain disrespected Senator Obama, and they hit back for him -- a constant leitmotif ALL of 2008.

A Blog whose title is "Blue Collar Philosophy" summed it up best: Judging By Chris Matthew's Response, McCain Won First Debate.



Chrissy's Troll Remark (Video Here)

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  • It's almost like Matthews has become even more "wheels off" since MSNBC reassigned him. In the past, he would attempt, very poorly, to try and provide some balance to his coverage and commentary. Last night, he was to the Left of Olbermann.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Sep 27, 01:16:00 pm GMT-4  

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