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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Wondered About Palin's Tan

Well, dear Sundries readers, it seems I now have an answer about a matter perplexing me about Governor Sarah Palin.

Most of us by now know that her husband, Todd Palin, is of Yup'ik Eskimo ancestry. When young, he didn't look it, but as he ages his native features are definitely more pronounced.

But due to Sarah Palin's own complexion and bone structure, which goes beyond dark hair and dark hazel eyes, I wondered out loud if she herself had native blood.

Given that she is the only dark child of her parents (one can even describe her sister Heather as Scandinavian), and the fact that being consistently tanned in Alaska is not easy for a caucasian, I thought it might be a genetic throwback situation one often sees in American families.


It's just that Palin has a tanning bed to keep that gorgeous, sleek skin flawlessly tanned.

Seems Sarah Palin installed a tanning bed in the governor's mansion in 2007.

"She did. She paid for it with her own money," Roger Wetherell, chief communications officer of Alaska's Department of Transportation and Public Facilities told Us Weekly.

"It was done shortly after she took office [in early 2007] and moved into the mansion," Wetherell told the Narco News, who first reported the story.

Like Jack Kennedy, who made a fetish of having a deep tan since his youth...

...it seems that Sarah Palin is deeply aware and protective of her image.

Now, this has nothing to do with the election, and why you should or not vote for her. But these are the kinds of tidbits I love to learn about the candidates. It's like NASCAR buff, Cindy McCain, learning Drifting recently.

Or Barack Obama's penchant for arugula from Whole Foods, it's just one of those humanising aspects of rather distant people.

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