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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ordinary People

People Magazine landed the first interview exclusive with the now complete Republican ticket, McCain-Palin.

That cover photograph is a killer.

And from it, you can see the real strategy of Team McCain in choosing Sarah Palin as Vice-President. Liberals are irate because the only thing they can think of, is that John McCain cynically chose a substitute female, hoping to reel in disaffected Hillary voters.

That is in a way true.

But the real reason is patently obvious to anyone who looks at this cover and the magazine tailored to that demographic.

McCain chose Palin (and her family) because she's the quintessential "just folks" American woman. We haven't seen the likes of the Palins on the national stage since the Carters, and Trumans. Andrew Jackson was their populist forebear.

And what magazine do average, everyday, blue-collar Americans read?

People Magazine.

They could've given their first interview to anyone (I'm sure Vanity Fair would've paid a pretty penny) but they chose People to trot out their ticket.


Senators Obama and Biden pride themselves on coming from humble backgrounds, and they do. But Palin and Family are the real deal. Americans know phoney lunchbucket folk when they see them.

People scored the first Obama-Biden interview too. But I bet you this version outsells that one.

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