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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Palin's Tat

I've felt a descending ennui come over me the past few days. So I decided to keep blogging light, as I have in the past weeks. I don't mean this about amount: but about a light touch.

So on that score, today I've decided to blog about Governor Sarah Palin's Big Dipper tattoo on her ankle.

What? You didn't know she had one?

Well, nor did I until I read it in one of those rumour debunking sites about her, which I blogged about earlier:

- Yes, it appears that she has a Big Dipper tattooed on her ankle. She lost a bet.

From the site:

"Palin told The Associated Press that she and her husband, Todd, made a bet on whether Murkowski would run. If the governor says he’ll enter the race, Palin has to get the Big Dipper tattooed on her ankle. If Murkowski says no, Todd gets a wedding ring inked on his finger." [Anchorage Daily News, 5/26/06]"

Really? Like prospective son-in-law Levi Johnson has a "Bristol" tattoo on his ring finger?

The proof is in the pudding. Here are some close-ups of the gubernatorial ankles.

Maybe she's like Cher on the rare moments nowadays when she has a movie gig: they're make-upped out.

But I don't see any evidence of this Big Dipper tattoo, do you? And wouldn't the Northern Star be more apt?

What I do see is a woman in love with showing off her clodhoppers, and her immaculate manicures, just like me.

And, well, like this rather noted law blogger too. Nice.

ADDED: Speaking of debunking rumours, my adored Greg Gutfeld of "Red Eye" (I've become an insomniac just to catch that programme live; no, it's not the same with TiVo) has come out with a satirical piece on HuffPo, called "Sarah Palin, Murderer".

"Palin was "born" in Sandpoint, Idaho - but for murky reasons fled to Alaska - a well-timed move considering that only a decade or so later, Sandpoint would become a destination for like-minded travelers called the Aryan Nations. The organization claims to have disbanded in 2001 - a "fact" Palin might want us to believe, as she made more than several visits back to Idaho - for what observers call "schooling." Not necessarily an advocate of "white power," it is safe to say that Palin is white, and full of power.

That's what some skeptics might call "convenient."

Either way, at a tender age, and despite the "grooming," she wasn't expressing her views on the master race just yet. If anything, she was mastering her own race (5k's) - and gearing up for something more explosive: the lurid practice known in many parts as moose hunting. Because moose are plenty, they are currently categorized as "lowest risk" on conservation status charts, making them an even easier target for people like Palin, who own guns. Not willing to accept the tougher challenges of targeting scarcer animals like condors or spotted owls, she opted to kill the low-hanging fruit. Lucky for us, in Alaska, humans are few.

It has been alluded in many places that Sarah was captain of the school's basketball team, playing point guard - a position that might have been filled by an African American had there been an actual African American in Alaska. Palin is said to have hit a last-second free throw to win the game. Tracking down witnesses to this event proves difficult - because there are so many."

I'm not much for Instapundit-like exhortations, but, read it all. It's a dilly.

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