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Friday, October 03, 2008

The Best Exchange

Interestingly, Senator Biden came down very heavily against gay marriage, whereas Governor Palin sounded inclusive and common sensical.

This may not register very well with the gay community, but it struck just the right note with average Americans who are pleased to see she is not the Andrew Sullivan "Christianist" demon of their worst imaginings.

Advantage, again, Palin.

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  • Did anyone else think they had a sneaking liking towards each other?

    Biden to Palin especially, but both were friendly towards each other given the context.


    By Blogger vbspurs, at Fri Oct 03, 02:41:00 am GMT-4  

  • Yes indeed. My thought was that somewhere, perhaps earlier on in the campaign, both sides had decided to kill "gay marriage" as an issue.

    By Blogger chickenlittle, at Fri Oct 03, 02:55:00 am GMT-4  

  • I thought I, too, saw that sneaking liking here and there, Victoria. For instance, the moment when they both laughed -- in what seemed a genuine way -- about nobody getting their "lame" jokes.

    By Blogger mrs whatsit, at Fri Oct 03, 07:05:00 am GMT-4  

  • Did anyone else think they had a sneaking liking towards each other?

    I think the answer is obvious.

    By Blogger Independent George, at Fri Oct 03, 09:11:00 am GMT-4  

  • Let's be clear on what went on in the "gay marriage" exchange.

    B: No legal distinction between same-sex couples and heterosexual couples. ...Making sure that committed couples in the same-sex marriage are guaranteed the same constituional benefits ... as heterosexual couples.

    I: Gov. would you support expanding that beyond Alaska...?

    P: Not if it goes closer towards redefining marraige... and that's sometimes where these steps lead, but .... if there's any suggestion ... that I would [not] be tolerant.... I am tolerant and [some of my family and dear friends are not] but no one in a M-P administration would propose to prohibit, say, visitations in a hospital or contracts ... between parties, but I'm not redefining marraige and ... not redefining marraige.
    I: Do you support gay marraige?
    B: No,.. I don't support redefining from the civil side what "marraige" is. ...that decision ... be left to the faiths ...what you call it.
    The bottom line is [and the Gov. agrees?] that there should be no civil rights distinction whatsoever.

    I: Is that what you said?

    P: Ah, your question to him was whether he supported gay marraige and my answer is the same as his and it is that I do not.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Oct 03, 12:17:00 pm GMT-4  

  • In the last few elections the positions of each party on gay marriage have been identical.

    But still the Republicans are homophobes and the Democrats are the party that supports gay rights.

    It's like a religion.

    (I'm pro gay marriage, but don't think it's a "right".)

    By Blogger Synova, at Fri Oct 03, 05:59:00 pm GMT-4  

  • Anon... I understood the "some of my good friends disagree with me on this" not as that she's tolerant and they aren't, but that they disagree with her strongly about gay marriage, which she opposes. So presumably (or at least my impression was) that she is close to several people who aren't unwilling to argue their case and tell her she's wrong about same sex marriage.

    By Blogger Synova, at Fri Oct 03, 06:02:00 pm GMT-4  

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