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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

If Obama Is Doing So Well In the Polls

Does that mean Americans are less racist today, than they were two weeks ago?

What could account for this sea-change in voter confidence of one African-American candidate? Is racism something temporary, or deeply entrenched in the psyche of all voters who were against Senator Obama until mid-September of 2008?

Does racism only raise its ugly head when things are going well?

What else could account for this remarkable swing to Senator Obama, when his supporters and pro-Obama journalists were saying that the only reason they could fathom for him not doing as well, was that white people (especially) were unable to vote for a black man no matter what?

Here's what I think:

I would like to suggest that there were some who were peddling the charge of racism for cynical reasons: they are disgusting race-baiters who wished to shame people into thinking they were bigots for not being for Obama.

Never again should the charge of racism cross the lips of any person in America, to do with Senator Obama's polling numbers.

For it is patently obvious that race could not matter less when we experience an economic downturn, thus swinging people's confidence to him in such a way, as to be irrefutable.

Let me be clear. Racism is disgustingly alive today. But my point is that it is not racism which was at fault when he was doing less well in polling numbers, than people believed should've been the case.

In short, it's not the colour of a person's skin, or gender, but life's circumstances and perceived character which are the overwhelming arbiters which determine who one votes for in this election.

Everyone who leveled the charge of racism a short two weeks ago should be ashamed of themselves today.

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