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Friday, October 10, 2008

A Lot Of Bull

Should I have put a NSFW tag on this photo? It shows naked (or semi-naked, given the merciful Speedos) PETA activists protesting bullfighting in Madrid. Oops, sorry!

You know, for once I agree with these addlepated idiots.

I attended a bullfight in Madrid once upon a day, and even now I recall being horrified at the sight of the bull being gored repeatedly by the overly theatrical gay figure in pink. Poor Paquirri. Not that he was the torero I saw, obviously, but I recall flipping through an Hola! magazine which showed his gruesome death.

Even the Queen of Spain went to his funeral to pay her respects, which is precisely the right way to approach this topic -- with respect. She is anti-bullfighting, in a country where a mere 30 years ago that would've earned you perfidy forever.

So you don't like bullfighting do you? Neither does the bull. It's a sport, an art if you are so inclined, that is one of the oldest in the world -- up there with wrestling. Tauromaquia they call it, a holdover from the Bronze Age. Ancient Greece is replete with examples of bulls on murals, and you would think this Greek princess, who so adores archaeology, might be sympathetic to the custom.

But she's not.

She's on the side of the bull, like me. Of course, I have no pretensions to being a Spaniard, so it's just as well I don't live there.

PETA are fighting more than a barbaric custom. They are intruding into the national heritage, one they have decided must go. And then people wonder why this world is Disneyfied and McDonaldised.

Because that which makes us different, is deemed unacceptable by the standards imposed by foreigners. Like the Queen, PETA and me.



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