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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

McCain In Miami Again

Senator John McCain pays South Florida another visit on Wednesday, this time to an even closer locale to me than the FIU one!

Everglades Lumber
6991 S.W. 8 Street
Miami, FL 33144

Doors Open at 7:30 a.m.

It's being called the Joe the Plumber rally, and my goodness, I think Joe Wurzelbacher might be there. JOE!

But would you believe that I am unavoidably detained all day Wednesday, and will not be able to make it? I could smack myself silly.

If Sarah Palin makes a surprise appearance, I will commit hari-kiri on myself....

However, I am aware that I owe you some snaps from the FIU rally, but I have a surprise for you about that. Since it's a surprise, I won't say what I'll be doing with it, but it's not fair not to give you ANYTHING, so here goes a sneak peek at some photos from that day.


The "Blacks Against Obama" people made a protest appearance!

That's the Michael Warns group, which a friend of mine says is cult-like, but what do we know.

This was after the rally, as ironically, they made it inside the University of Miami Obama rally, but the McCain camp didn't allow them to protest inside the FIU McCain rally.

If we were so full of hatred, as mainstream media would have you believe, they would've relished their presence inside the basketball arena.

Check out this couple goofing alongside the protesters. Classic.

Stay tuned for a whole blogpost on the McCain rally...sometime soon.

UPDATE: Joe Wurzelbacher didn't show up! It's just the "theme" of these JTP rallies. Man, thank God I didn't go. I've given McCain my support in person. We waited 3 hours for it. I'll wait double that for Sarah.

When is she coming down?!

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