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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Palin On Hannity & Greta

It seems the commentariat over at Althouse might be fatigued after yesterday's debate. That live-blog thread garnered over 800 comments, which was a herculean task considering the ridiculous quality we were offered up by both candidates, and the insipid moderating.

So here is a Sundries thread devoted to Governor Palin's two interviews today, riding shotgun to McCain on Hannity & Colmes, and later solo with Greta van Susteren.

9:00-9:10: Palin and McCain are supremely comfortable with each other, and I think he looks twice as energised as usual, next to her. This is curious, because she is as cooly confident right now, and isn't animated beyond the necessary. Frankly, she looks like the Presidential candidate, not he.

That metal sound you heard is the military bracelet I spoke about earlier. You watch Maureen Dowd mention disparagingly that she was wearing a low-rent bangle she picked up at Target, or something.

Hannity, supercilious and starstruck, is pressing Senator McCain about switching his opinion on ANWR. He said that he is willing to concede that he will go to Alaska, which he hasn't been to in a few years, and check out the situation himself. Palin glowed. Hannity asked if he would go moosehunting. McCain replied, "Fishing too. Moosehunting is fun". Hooboy.

Ed. from the transcript:

HANNITY: Are you going to take him moose hunting?

PALIN: Yes, let's do that too, while we're at it.

HANNITY: Would you do that, Senator?

MCCAIN: Have some fish, you know, but moose hunting is fine.

[Ah, he said "fine", not fun. A minor difference, but it's important to get it right.]

9:11-9:20: McCain is mentioning that 18 Billion dollars is a lot of money, so I ask you, why didn't Hannity say, "With respect, sir, isn't your mortgage bailout plan which you propose will cost 300 Billion dollars, an even greater amount to swallow?".

Nothing upset me more last night, than hearing this supposed anti-earmark hero propose even bigger government intervention. Now that DID sound like George W. Bush, who is a joke in terms of fiscal conservativeness.

Palin is taking the backseat to her commander, commenting only when she deems it necessary. That's good.

9:21-9:30: Bill Ayers...Hannity mentioning the New York Times article which ironically appeared on 9/11, in which Ayers said "he didn't do enough" back in his terrorist days.

Palin answers. "What we want to know is, when did Barack Obama know about Ayers' terrorist activities? Again it goes back to the question of character."

Hannity provides the viewers with more details.

McCain lashes out with, "I don't care about an old terrorist and his wife [ouch], and by the way, his wife was just as bad" but says that what is important, is that Senator Obama should be honest and frank about Ayers and his dealings with ACORN.

Palin has this unbelievable trick of flinging poo with a smile on her face. That's hard to get right without looking like you belong in a padded cell at Bellevue.

"Again, it has to do with track record."

What I don't hear from either of them, is for them to specifically mention what Ayers did in this terrorist group, and the fact that ACORN is a Saul Alinsky-Marxist influenced group, of which Senator Obama was a lawyer. This group is knee-deep in fraud at the moment. SAY IT. Tell people what is at stake here.

9:21-9:30: McCain saying that "Americans know" and imply that Americans will vote against Harry Reid's Party because they were the Party of defeat.

NO, SENATOR, they won't. Explain it to them!

Hannity asks now how their relationship as running mates has grown.

McCain says she was a breath of fresh air, and gives the base inspiration. But most of all, that Americans could see a reformer (I'm not sure that is the case).

Now Palin speaks about McCain and her decision. She says that she didn't seriously consider "this challenge" until she was face-to-face with him that day. She had long followed his career, because of his independent spirit.

Palin said that she especially noticed something McCain said which she read in the newspapers, about a position he took [implying against the Bush administration...she should said that plain out], and she came out with another trademarked Palinism. I was typing, so I didn't hear it fully, but it was something like:

"Doggone right, you should see the hell he put me through!"

Ed. from the transcript:


But, you for the years, I've been a big fan of his because of that independent (INAUDIBLE) that courses through your veins. And that's made me admire him. And I knew it was confirmation, it was right on that I was to support him when early on in the presidential race, he had said something in the newspaper that was controversial, imagine that, about what was going on in the administration. It was independent, is what he had used, the tone of his comments.

And I had been asked about it up in Alaska, by the local press and I said, oh no. It was spot on. You know? We don't need to keep going down that track, something that the administration was going on. And then I got a call from the Republican member of Congress who said, yes, I understand that you're thinking about supporting McCain. Well, let me tell you about the Hell he's put me through with earmark reform.

[Actually the transcript is wrong. At minute 8:58 she quotes a Republican member of Congress who called her up, she makes a phone gesture with her hand, "Doggone it, let me tell you about the HELL he's put me through with earmark reform." Why excise the Doggone it? It's her voice. Don't censor it!]

I noticed she likes swearing with "hell" a lot. In fact, I've heard her use it with Charlie Gibson (twice), then on the stump in Carson, California with the Albright quote, and now on Hannity.

Palin, the Christian, has a bit of a potty mouth. Won't that drive the Liberals crazy, hee.

ADDED: The 3-part Youtube videos of the Hannity/McCain-Palin interviews. Here is the transcript of the interview.

EDIT: I was called away for the Greta interview, so apologies to Rose and others who were waiting for an update. In lieu of my live-blogging, please scroll up for Youtube videos where you can check out the interview yourself.

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  • Hey Victoria --

    Don't have cable so need you to take me (us) through Greta.

    (Came here looking for your live blogging!)

    By Blogger JAL, at Wed Oct 08, 10:23:00 pm GMT-4  

  • After the first debate I mentioned to someone that McCain all too often spoke in "inside baseball(politics)" lingo. It seemed he depended on listeners understanding the premise which informed his views. It was counterproductive. You figure someone would tell him that he has to flesh it out; he has to connect the dots. If someone isn't telling him he is ill served. If someone is telling him and he's not following through he's making a mistake. Time will tell how big a mistake it is.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Oct 08, 10:25:00 pm GMT-4  

  • Vic and oxbay you are both right --- They say stuff and don't explain.

    Did they say that a man who misrepresented his relationship with the author of a $150 million giveaway as "just a guy in the neighborhood" reveals there is a serious problem.

    I'd like fewer stories and more specifics.

    Not sure what Hannity filled in (no cable) but I know most people do NOT know about Frank Davis, Saul Alinsky, ACORN, Joyce, and what a'education" projects were funded. As far as I can tell none were programs which promoted basic reading and math skills -- thinmgs which disadvantaged youth absolutely need to survive in the workplace.

    But those details mught be too much for the medium to communicate.

    (I also think the fact that CAC gave grants to Ayers' organization(s?) and Wright's church is unacceptable. You are not supposed to give grant money to yourselves.)

    By Blogger JAL, at Wed Oct 08, 10:41:00 pm GMT-4  

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