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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Do Not Eat Pirate Coins Candies, Canadians

A deviation from my usual blogging, since it was Halloween yesterday, and your kids may have gotten these in their haul.

There is a recall for Sherwood's Pirate Gold Coin Candies in Canada, said to contain melamine, which killed several babies this year in China. This warning came in the form of a viral email, but it was confirmed by Snopes. There is no danger in the USA version, but you know, if I were a parent, I'd be careful.

Remember these choccy gold coins? I do, despite not liking candy (I know, I was a strange child. I even loved carrots and broccoli).

Alas, mateys, one has to be more careful these days not with whackos who might insert needles into Halloween candies, like when I was growing up, but with shoddy Third World production in a globalised economy.

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