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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tigerlady Pastels

I took a glance at one of my favourite sites, the Sartorialist, just now and found this photograph kicking off 2009.

Magnifique and the comments as ever, spot on.

- She looks really fab in those pastels, not an easy colour to pull off...I'm also in love with her earrings...Great bag too, makes the look a bit more fierce ...

- Parisian flawless dressing. Love it, so elegant and thoughtful.

- does it bother anyone else when people don't remove the labels from their scarves??

- The pinky ring... J'adore!

- It's a very pretty look, but this woman doesn't project a sweet, feminine image and I'd have liked to see her add an element that reflects her seeming ballsy confidence. Perhaps the sunglasses were meant to do that, but right now round glasses are too trendy to be meaningful. Or could be she thought that the classic cut of her clothes--and the structured bag (Choo?)--were enough to offset the girlishness of the pink. To my eye, at least, the pink's in charge here. She needs a signal of "good bitch playing girly girl" to really make this work for her. Great shot, though. And despite the seeming negativity of my comments (frankly, I'm seeing myself in her) I give her props for capturing my attention.

I especially like the last commentary, and don't you agree that this woman is anything but a soft feminine type? In fact, I disagree with that commenter who implied she was Parisian (well, they said Parisian dressing, which could mean a foreigner too).

She looks American, of Italian extraction or from Italy itself, rather than a proper Parisienne.

She's too purposeful, yes, too "fierce": a businesswoman closing on a million dollar deal or making sure her caterer has gotten those special truffles. Her pose says "don't mess with me" rather than the suggested blues and pinks of her outfit which seeks to baby her -- and therefore her viewers -- into helplessness.

Incidentally, though physically they have nothing in common, this is how my mother looks, down to the Chloës shielding her eyes. It's uncanny.

The part of the photograph that really intrigues me is the olive tan oversized shoulder bag just behind her. I would kill to know what that is.

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