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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Your Gratuitous Jihadi Douchebag Caption Contest Photo

He's a former Gitmo detainee. Have at it.

...And the winners are:

SECOND RUNNER UP: Ruth Anne Adams!

Because we can't do this all day here..

FIRST RUNNER UP: Ms. Calabaza!

and then I felt a tingle up my leg ...


"...and they asked me, 'How many Predator UAV's does it take to destroy our base camp in Pakistan?', and, just like here, I told them 'one', and they didn't believe me! They just shook their heads and said, 'Go make the video, Achmed,' like I was lying or something..."

Congratulations funny people!

(Thanks, Blake! I never did pay attention during the Misses pageants)

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