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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

As Seen On TV

Meet the new Snuggie pitchwoman, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is already hard at work.

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  • Act now, and get two Snuggies for the price of one! That's right! Only 1.3 Trillion dollars for two Snuggies to keep you and whoever you're shacking up with warm, thinking about all the children who'll be paying this off for the rest of their lives...

    By Blogger blake, at Wed Feb 25, 04:15:00 am GMT-5  

  • "Get a shamwow for free!"

    ...I saw that somewhere, and those eyes are beginning to creep me out.

    By Blogger vbspurs, at Wed Feb 25, 05:27:00 am GMT-5  

  • Why is he playing PSP on his own couch? Did so much of his money go to snuggies that he couldn't afford a PS3?

    By Blogger JSU, at Wed Feb 25, 01:17:00 pm GMT-5  

  • JSU, he's a geek. Do not question his motives, they're self-evident!

    By Blogger vbspurs, at Wed Feb 25, 03:41:00 pm GMT-5  

  • A friend of mine who lives in Austin says there are these Snuggie Pub Crawls which I mocked of course, but then I thought what a time saving idea:
    Drink, get drunk, pass out, and you already have your blankie!!

    By Blogger ron st.amant, at Fri Feb 27, 11:52:00 pm GMT-5  

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