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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Urban Buzz

The first of an on-going series, Urban Buzz, will be vignettes of what people from around the world are talking about. A cosmopolitan fly-on-the-wall if you will (or kaffeeklatsch gossip, if you won't).

Madrid: Jaded capitalinos may be excused their lack of interest in news. Sometimes, they can be very grim reading indeed -- especially on the ossified
ABC, the darling of the Opus Dei. But for those of us whose birthright is to be upbeat, possibly due to a character flaw, comes this new website called in Spanish "Positive News Portal" .

Featured today are stories about the Stony Girls (an Inglés sin Barreras rip-off), Argentinian arts-and-crafts, and a new TV station called "Pluralia TV", which outdoes FOX NEWS as the station Big Bad Media don't want you see. You have to check it out, if only for its unrelenting boringness.

South Florida: Tout le monde Miami is abuzz about having caught sight of Maya Angelou and Harry Belafonte at News Café, a few hours after their participation in the Sheraton Bal Harbour's MLK, Jr. celebrations. This is rather akin to holding Stalin Appreciation Day in Buckingham Palace, but no matter. I'm sure the Bal Harbour
shul , practically next door, were amply represented.

Daylight come and me wanna go to News Café

Maya and Harry made a wonderful Civil Rights pair, as they supped quietly with friends in the immortal SoBe eatery. I would've been there, rollerblades on foot and autograph pad in hand, had I not been still bemused by Maya's mention of
dinosaurs in President Clinton's 1992 Inauguration.

Paris: 2005 seems a millenium away from 1998, the year the French cock conquered the Brazilian Bahiana. Today, it was announced from
Le Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication , that a series of cultural celebrations called "The Year of Brazil in France", would run from March to December all over the Hexagone.

Gilberto Gil, looking more bird-like with every passing year, was on hand to be fêted by his fellow monstres of culture. As his colleague, Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres, said "nous nous sommes nourris les uns les autres par-delà l'Atlantique". Long may that nourishment continue.

England: The quaint town of Newport has had several George V-era pillar boxes stolen! Good grief, is nothing sacred anymore? Apart from Elton John's toupée.

It is thought by local police that the pillar boxes, as British as the roast beef of olde Englande, and almost as tasty, would fetch up to £800 on
eBay. Not if I get there first.


  • Vic,

    In my effort to be your one-stop shop for all things Brazilian-Jewish, I offer this link.

    Incidentally, Stalin is indeed the first thing I think about when I see Belafonte.

    By Blogger JSU, at Wed Jan 19, 03:01:00 pm GMT-5  

  • That is fascinating, erm, JSU! Thank you.

    My first thought is that since Pernambuco was colonised not by the Portuguese but primarily by the Dutch, that the Sephardic Jewish community, or Marranos as they are sometimes called, must come from around this time.

    Anyone who has ever been to Recife, and seen the green-eyes, curly hair, and light mocha skin of the residents, realises what a treasure-trove of backgrounds those people have. You can see it present in the photograph of the Evangelical street fair, in the person of that woman seated there, looking quite Scots. (Not THAT many tourists up there, sadly, considering it's supernatural beauty)

    As for Harry, let my blog be free of politics! At least in this thread. ;)

    BTW, missing you...


    By Blogger vbspurs, at Wed Jan 19, 04:05:00 pm GMT-5  

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