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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Blog Fly

Spring Break has a way of sneaking up on you, as you sit in front of your computer awash with possibilities of a 24-hour day without duties. That is, until you're in your second day of devil-may-care-but-I-don'tedness and say, "Now what?".

Well this is what. I've become a Blog Fly for a day!

I will be blogging about what the Top Bloggers are talking about today, even though it's early. Consider an update later in the day a given. And if you like the idea, I could consider doing it once in a while.

First, let's get out our Blogosphere Ecosystem charts. Ready. Steady. We're off!

- INSTAPUNDIT: Glenn is, as ever, informational rather than ranting, unlike other bloggers I could mention, Daily Kos; and today is no different. He recommends a book which just came out on Atomic Iran, and gives you a link with pointers to how to spot a nascent political movement. And in a topic close to my heart, as it were, he Instalinks to a colonoscopy blog. (A Colonoscopy Blog? Dude). Oh, and just in case you forgot Insty is a Libertarian, he dispels those your notions by linking to Julia Gory's piece where she asks if Libertarians Have More Fun. I'm so telling the Instawife.

- WONKETTE: Has Ana-Marie Cox ever seriously considered becoming the NY Post Gossip Columnist when Cindy Adams kicks the proverbial bucket? Seriously. Which is not to say I snub my nose at her gossip links, but there's more to blogging than knowing who the Clintons were dining with last night at Le Cirque. In today's gossip roundup, we learn that "Laura" had the lobster risotto at Teatro Goldoni last night. Now I ask you, why is it that women more than men tend to be known by their first names? Jackie, Hillary, Monica, Rosalyn, Laura, but not, I note, Susan Sontag. Or Ana-Marie Cox. Heh.

- DAILY KOS: Wow! The site is down. Jeff Gannon must've come out with a new 2005 calender. Stay tuned.

- LITTLE GREEN FOOTBALLS: Lgf seem not to have survived the November elections too well, because they are the only right-of-centre blog which still constantly mention it. Relax guys! You won. Today's piece on PJ O'Rourke's spin on John Kerry and MSM is a case in point. And their two lead blog stories on Muslims just reinforce people's ideas that they are anti-Muslim, rather than the more correct, anti-Islamofascist. Oh well. They still have the best free comedy posing as blog commentary on the 'net.

- JEFF JARVIS: Jeff weighs in on the topic which I first saw on Vodkapundit's site, namely, Steve Levy's hand-wringing question in Newsweek of why there are so many White Male Bloggers in Blogosphere. Tell me, why do people do this to themselves? How guilty do some people feel? Sheesh. I commented that surely there are better things to be worried about, like pestilence and Marilyn Manson.

- POWERLINE: Fresh from their scorchingly good C-SPAN presentation at the weekend, the Powerline crowd mourn the loss of fierce anti-Communist journalist, John Barron. They also get Rovian and point out the Richard Vigilante piece where the latter suggests Hillary Clinton may be moving centre on family values, just on cue, with an eye to the Oval Office. I guess she wants to go back and Lysol that desk.

- MICHELLE MALKIN: And no blog roundup would be complete without a look at that Steve Levy-theory debunker, the still suspended Michelle Malkin. No semen-stained brownie references today, thankfully. Just a heck of a lot of links on the anthrax scare in D.C. Oh, and this Girl Guide (me, not Michelle) can't forget her origins -- that harassed Girl Scout story has a very happy ending. And hey, is that Courtney Love in Lebanon? No, Michelle ma belle. That's Donatella Versace.

Who says blogs aren't informative, right?

WEDNESDAY UDPATE: Pfff. Who can update blogs during the day, if the servers are always down. I'm very peeved.

SUNDAY UPDATE: I read later that Daily Kos' site was either hacked or mistakenly shutdown. And this reminds me of what a friend of mine told me after Instapundit linked to my Burger story -- that Daily Kos has twice his daily traffic, and I would've been twice as deluged had he linked to me. Isn't that because of the Top 20 bloggers in the political Ecosystem, there aren't that many liberals of note, as opposed to conservative ones? I sense mass frowning from the Kossites.


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