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Friday, April 14, 2006

Blog Québécois Rips Me Off

Great was my woe when I discovered most of my funniest quips had already been said by the great Miss Dorothy Parker.

Well, fudge.

I'm sure it happens to all of us, since I swear to you, I discovered the word "gaydar", and when I started using it, immediately did I hear it all around me.

That was I, tells ya!!

Here's another situation, which may happen to you, with one of your coinages.

I posted this blogpiece on March 21, 2005, with the wonderfully cutesy title of:

Hello Mullah, Hello Fatwa

Pat pat, on my back.

But upon searching the other day, for the correct spelling of the denizens of Quebec, in their froggie tongue, I come upon this blog, with the same blogpost title.

Hello Muttah, Hello Fatwa

This time I am not putting down the punning gauntlet.

Revenge shall be swift, and painful.

Any lawyers in the house?

P.S.: Ugh. Apparently, the legal costs may just bury me. Look at all these copy-catters.

Times like this, PayPal donation cups were made for.


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