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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Brazil's Got Next

It's long been known that after Germany 2006, some African country, as yet unknown, will get the very next World Cup, in 2010.

And according to Swiss-born FIFA President, Sepp Blatter's new system, this will launch a system of continent rotation, which "started" with:

Japorea 2002

...as many of us half-jokingly call the South Korea/Japan co-bid for the 2002 World Cup, which launched a thousand controversies.

So, after Asia, then Europe, then South America, apparently.

It's been since 1950 since 5-time World Cup champion, Brazil, have hosted their own World Cup.

And as we all know from the extremely painful, Maracanaço (Maracanazo in Spanish), this World Cup ended in bitter tears, when the hometown lads were walloped at home by Uruguay, 2-1.

The deal is, according to the rules at the time, Brazil only needed a draw to win the Cup for the first time, and they just blew it due to nerves -- albeit many Brazilians still blame the black goalie, Barbosa.

To this day, there is a common superstition against a Brazil team with a black goalie being able to win a World Cup. In the five times they have won the World Cup, they have had white goalies. And guess who is the starting goalie this year?

The black as your boots, Dida! We shall see, won't we.

Sepp Blatter even suggested that Argentina and Chile host the South American World Cup, but Chile recently declined to take up the cause -- which earned the CBF's (Confederation of Brazilian Football) deep gratitude to Chile.

Brazil not hosting a World Cup, is loosely analogous to no American cardinal being elected Pope.

You don't put the top dog in charge, since that's just not fair to the others, goes conventional thinking.

But I think that by 2014, those 64 years will be more than enough in terms of fairness.

After all, Brazil didn't win in WC 1950.

Who's to say they will in 2014 if they get to host it?

Apart from everyone, that is.


  • South Africa has next, actually. And there seems to be concerns that both them and Brazil in 2014 won't be up to the task (you would think 8 years would be enough time, but turns out they don't have many of the modern facilities liked by FIFA in Brazil, and no current plans to build them).

    According to this LATimes article, US officials are offering themselves up as a back-up host just in case.

    (Just as Los Angeles was ready to stage the 2004 Olympics when it looked like Athens wasn't going to get it together)

    By Blogger XWL, at Tue Apr 18, 01:44:00 am GMT-4  

  • USa has become the new Mexico! Both as the Concacaf soccer power and as the official World Cup back-up host.

    Visiting the US would be a lot more convenient and cheaper than South Africa however Brazil having a World Cup would make for a convenient excuse to visit.:)

    Brazil is playing in Europe, I say their chances are down to 50/50.

    By Blogger Renato, at Wed Apr 19, 12:42:00 pm GMT-4  

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